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International Trends and Service

The LIFE program, implemented by The Baton Rouge Chapter in 2009, is designed to attract and recruit minority high school students, grades 10 and 11, ages 15 -17, interested in pursuing college degrees. The program is being introduced nationwide through the 272 LINK Chapters in conjunction with local high schools and universities in their respective cities.

The goal is to create a future job pool of young minority students focused on careers in international business and foreign services.  The objective is to fill a major void in minority representation in the international business arena and foreign service appointments. This is vital for future generations. Often minority students are not aware of the options available globally and as a result, limit their scope of choice in pursuing career goals through higher education.

The LIFE Program aims to:

  • Equip students with a basic literacy in international affairs.

  • Encourage students at the secondary level to be aware of the vast opportunities available internationally.

  • Prepare students on the qualifications needed to pursue careers in business, foreign service and international relations.

  • Expose students to the importance of being global citizens and the need to embrace world languages and cultures.

  • Provide a strong mentor base as students interface with LSU and SU faculty, graduate students, corporate officials, and the volunteers from the Links Incorporated.

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